Chevrolet’s arts competition is back with a bang as seven students lead the way in becoming top of their game ~ Chevrolet once again scoured the country to find the most inspired minds in the UK as part of its ‘Young Creative Chevrolet’ initiative to support young talent. After receiving some of the most outstanding…

Chevrolet FashionChevrolet’s arts competition is back with a bang as seven students lead the way in becoming top of their game ~

Chevrolet once again scoured the country to find the most inspired minds in the UK as part of its ‘Young Creative Chevrolet’ initiative to support young talent. After receiving some of the most outstanding entries to date, we can now reveal the winning entries.

In its third year at running the initiative, Chevrolet UK saw more entries across all four disciplines – visual arts, photography, video and fashion – this year than ever before. The winners have been chosen based on the creativity of their work, the innovation, aesthetics and the positioning of the brand image. With such a high calibre of submissions, the decision making proved to be a close call.


Christiana Hadjipapa, fashion student from De Montfort University in Leicester has been awarded first prize for her unisex layered jacket and trousers which takes inspiration from the Transformers movie featuring the Chevrolet Camaro.

Christiana comments, “I was shocked when I was informed that I’d won. Chevrolet is one of the most established car companies so winning is like a dream come true and will hopefully stand me in good stead for the future. The Transformers movie gave me the idea for the most integral parts of my designs – the creation of different looks through transformation. This award will help me work even harder to achieve my passion.”

Judge and reporter for Drapers magazine Victoria Gallagher said: “I was astounded by the creativity and flair shown, the competition is great at showcasing young British talent and it was an honour to be part of. Despite an abundance of superb designs Christiana’s really stood out. I absolutely loved the way she had used the Chevrolet logo to create her own pattern and she answered the brief perfectly with her slouchy transformable trousers, which would be perfect for a road trip.”

The judges were also really impressed with entries from Chloe Smith (University of Lincoln) and Rachel Parker (Burton and South Derbyshire College) who came second and third respectively.


Paige Foss, Charlotte McGowan, Kate Massey and Charnee Smith, from Burton and South Derbyshire College submitted a group entry which has been awarded first prize in the Photography category. Judges were impressed with the well thought out composition which fully met the brief to capture the spirit of optimism and opportunity at the intersection between the past and the future.

Paige comments, “It just shows that lots of passion and hard work does pay off! We are so excited and proud of what we have achieved. Of course we all wanted to win but never thought we would. This has really given us the confidence to pursue with our careers.”

The brief was reflected really well in two other group entries also from Burton and South Derbyshire College including, Katherine Alcock, Anna Smart, Kellie Smart and Katie Dove who were awarded second prize and Eirini Serghi, Jackie Milner, Amy Atkinson and Molly Crawford who were awarded third prize.

Judge and Automotive photographer Richard Gunn comments: “The photography category showed real expertise producing inspirational and thought provoking designs.”


Andrew Barlow, design student from Newcastle Under LymeUniversity has been awarded first prize in the Visual Arts category with his representation of ‘attitude you can wear’, a unique and eye catching print for a special edition T-shirt and hoodie that captures the spirit of optimism.

Andrew comments, “I really didn’t expect to win, when designing my print I wanted to create something simple that was still effective with the use of colour. My print depicts a race which captures a spirit of optimism.”

Judge and artist Ian Cook from PopBang Colour comments: “Each year the work gets stronger and the competition increases in popularity, it’s great to see just how serious it’s taken amongst universities. Andrew’s work was a clear winner showing the clever idea of pace and speed in his simple and strong design.”

The judges were also impressed with second place winner, Aristotelis Mavropoulos from Teeside University as well as third place winner, Stein Pointon also from Newcastle Under Lyme.


Kenny Van Mierlo, film student from the University of Lincoln has been awarded first prize. His video was created to incite people to make something happen in their lives and to inspire the audience to act before another opportunity slips by.

Kenny comments, “When I read the YCC brief I was really happy because I’ve always wanted to make a car video, especially as I want to become a commercial director in the future. My main goal was to make an entertaining video, which would leave people with a happy feeling. The video shows that fun and happiness can arise in unexpected moments.”

Judge and Chief Creative Officer for MoFILM David Alberts comments: “I walked away from our day believing that the YCC was providing a stage for young creative people to shine. In the film category the winner was a wonderfully simple short story that was well written, well acted and well shot.”

Faye Steward of Chevrolet comments: “This year’s ‘Young Creative Chevrolet’ has been a real success on entry numbers. Without a doubt there has been an increase in the level of skill and imagination demonstrated in the work making it a very difficult decision. It’s great to see that many of the same Universities are continuing to enter year on year and we’re also delighted to have increased the prize amount this year.  We’re looking forward to seeing some of the entries across Europe in the next stage of the competition.”

All the national winners will be awarded cash prizes and the first place winners have been entered into the European finals.

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