The all-new Volvo XC70: Top-class Cross Country versatility in a refined package


Ongoing “crossover” success More luxury and added capability Available with 6-cylinder petrol engine or 5-cylinder turbodiesel Hill Descent Control expands versatility Increased ground clearance for rugged terrain Improved attack and departure angles The all-new Volvo XC70, the third generation of Volvo’s successful XC70 concept, is more refined than ever – with a comfortable and luxurious…

  • Ongoing “crossover” success
  • More luxury and added capability
  • Available with 6-cylinder petrol engine or 5-cylinder turbodiesel
  • Hill Descent Control expands versatility
  • Increased ground clearance for rugged terrain
  • Improved attack and departure angles

The all-new Volvo XC70, the third generation of Volvo’s successful XC70 concept, is more refined than ever – with a comfortable and luxurious appearance which has been combined with top-class flexibility and an expressive design. This makes the new model just as elegant in an urban environment as in the wilderness.

When the first XC model from Volvo Cars took to the roads in 1996, it was not only an immediate sales success – it also carved out an entirely new Cross Country segment.

Now the third generation of the Volvo XC70 steps into the spotlight – with its original recipe intact, but with added luxury in an even more capable package than ever.

At its debut just over ten years ago, Volvo Cars expected Cross Country sales of 15 000 cars. That became 17 500 when American buyers, above all, discovered that they could have everything that an SUV could do, but in a true premium car with a distinct Volvo feel. The term “crossover” was born.

The Volvo XC70 has retained its power of attraction ever since – also in South Africa with its penchant for rugged activity vehicles – and the current generation reached global sales of around 40 000 in its best year.

Volvo Cars had a winning concept from the outset and the company refined it continuously. The all-new XC70 maintains its tough, capable attitude while at the same time growing more comfortable.

Furthermore, the design team from Volvo Cars in Torslanda at Gothenburg, Sweden, has given the car a more elegant, more luxurious look – not only from the outside, but also in the interior.

Perfect for an active lifestyle
The all-new Volvo XC70 is equally at home outside one’s favourite downtown restaurant as it is on rough forest tracks, out in the wilderness or halfway up a mountain.

With an elevated feel in the comfortable, luxurious interior, the estate car’s functional versatility and the XC model’s All Wheel Drive and capacity, the all-new XC70 is the perfect tool for thrilling activities.

Many lifestyle cars are largely about perception and image. However, a large proportion of today’s and tomorrow’s XC70 owners choose their car because they intend to fully exploit its capabilities.

To meet such requirements, the all-new XC70 flexes its muscles still further. The model is available with a six-cylinder petrol or five-cylinder turbodiesel engine. In the new model, the electronically controlled all-wheel drive from Haldex of Sweden can be supplemented with the Four-C active chassis with three driving settings.

Features such as Hill Descent Control, an increased ground clearance and improved attack and departure angles give the XC70 even more versatility, while optional features such as ventilated seats also contribute to a comfortable driving experience.

XC range soon to grow to three models
The Volvo XC70 joins the popular XC90 in Volvo’s Cross Country range, which will soon be expanded with the new XC60.

“With three exciting XC models, we will cover even more of the growing number of car buyers who want the very best of two worlds: Capable muscles and luxurious, comfortable passenger-car comfort. And it all began with the XC70, which has now become even more attractive than before,” says Arp.

The new XC90 has a new and unique soft nose. This is characterised by a new, larger grille and headlamps. The dark-coloured body panels provide an exclusive and a “rough” impression, clearly signalling the car’s dynamic capabilities. The pronounced wheel housings are another design feature, contributing to the capable appearance.

A number of design elements, like the framed side windows and the distinct shoulders, create a genuine estate car profile. The new tailgate’s upper section has a sportier forward-leaning stance. The tailgate overlaps the tail lamps, providing an even wider opening. The glass goes further down at the sides, enhancing rear view. The loading space is increased by 55 litres (compared with the previous XC70 model). The rails are integrated into the A-pillar mouldings. The interior, with a Scandinavian touch, is a perfect combination of design and function.

Passenger space has increased – the distance from front to rear passengers has grown by 21 mm, rear legroom is more by 48 mm and knee clearance by 21 mm. Width at shoulder height – in the front seats – is 30 mm wider than before.

The all-new Volvo XC70 offers a number of loading solutions. The rear seat is split into three parts – 40/20/40, providing two very comfortable rear seats with a convenient armrest in between. The luggage compartment has aluminium rails and movable anchorage points. The anchorage points can be tucked down into the rails when not in use. The built-in anchorage eyelets in the side panels keep luggage securely in place.

In addition, the side panels can be equipped with multifunctional rails, making it possible to attach hooks, load-anchoring nets and cargo space dividers among other loading accessories. A completely new, power-operated tailgate (option) can be opened with a push on the remote control. This facilitates loading when the owner has his or her hands full. The tailgate can also be closed by pushing a button.

The all-new Volvo XC70 comes with a number of further developed and some completely new safety solutions. A new, height-adjustable integrated child booster cushion provides children of different sizes with a good view through the windows, while at the same time contributing to a high level of protection. The new booster cushions, providing optimum seat belt geometry, is even more effective in combination with the specially adjusted force limiters.

The Inflatable Curtain has been extended down by 60 mm. In combination with the dual-stage booster cushion and a strong body side, it helps increasing the side impact protection – for children of different sizes. In addition, the side structure has been combined with two-chamber side impact airbags. The all-new Volvo XC70 also features Volvo’s patented front structure, divided into zones with different steel grades and the engines are mounted transversely to reduce the risk of penetration into the passenger compartment.

Volvo’s Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) provides a gentle damping motion and contact between the head and head restraint throughout the impact sequence. The front has energy-absorption properties, including a soft structure (in front of the bumper) that helps to reduce the risk of leg injuries to pedestrians. The reinforced, lower spoiler edge is moved forward and almost on level with the bumper. This solution helps to distribute the contact area of a pedestrian’s or a cyclist’s leg, helping to further reduce the risk of injury. The raised bonnet’s underside has a honeycomb structure which helps to absorb the energy and reduce the risk of injury.

The optional Collision Warning system with brake support and emergency brake lamps helps to avoid rear-end impacts or minimise the consequences of a collision. A warning signal is activated if the car approaches another vehicle from behind – without any reaction from the driver. If the driver still has not taken action despite the warning, the brake system prepares for braking, shortening the driver’s reaction time. And if the driver does not press the brake pedal hard enough, the brake pressure is increased automatically. When the system is activated, the brake lamps start flashing. When the car’s speed drops below 30 km/h the hazard warning flashers are activated as well.

Adaptive Cruise Control, another optional active safety system, helps to keep a safe distance to vehicles ahead by continuously adapts the car’s speed, ensuring the time gap to vehicles in front stays correct.

Active Bi-Xenon headlamps where the light beams follow the curves of the road are another safety option.

The new model has a number of advanced and interacting braking functions, such as Hydraulic Brake Assist, Optimized Hydraulic Brakes and Fading Brake Support. Volvo’s Personal Car Communicator, an advanced pocket-sized control centre for increased personal security, is available for the all-new Volvo XC70.

The Personal Car Communicator provides information about the car’s lock and alarm status if the owner is up to 100 m away from the car. It is even possible to detect if there is someone in the car.

Driveline and chassis
The all-new Volvo XC70 is equipped with All-Wheel Drive (AWD), and the drivelines consist of the normally aspirated, six-cylinder engine petrol engine and the D5 turbodiesel. Both are extremely compact and perfectly integrated with the front structure. The six-cylinder petrol engine, used for the first time in the XC70, produces 175 kW and 320 Nm.

Also available, now for the first time in South Africa in the XC70, is the  D5 turbodiesel. This powerful and modern five-cylinder turbodiesel engine produces 136 kW and 400 Nm and features a service-free particle filter that makes it highly eco-efficient.

Both engines are combined with Volvo’s automatic six-speed Geartronic gearbox with a manual gear changing function.

The chassis has been further developed, in comparison with the previous XC70 model. In addition, the model can be equipped with Volvo’s advanced chassis system – Active chassis with Four-C.

Hill Descent Control for steep gradients
On rough terrain the Hill Descent Control (HDC) regulates speed on steep downhill gradients, enabling the XC70 to safely go downhill without the driver touching the brake pedal. In addition, HDC facilitates starting with a caravan on slippery surfaces, and makes it easier to launch a boat into the water.

The speed-dependent power steering (optional) can be completed with a three-step adjustment function, making it possible to adjust the servo assistance and optimize road feedback. The Power Parking Brake is applied automatically, simplifying starting on uphill gradients for example. The DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) system helps to reduce the risk of skidding.

Environment and air quality
The all-new Volvo XC70 is built and produced with the ambition of minimising the environmental impact. The efficient engines – diesel or petro l- helps to reduce the emission levels.

Volvo’s optional Interior Air Quality System reduces particles, pollen, gases and unpleasant odours in the passenger compartment. All interior materials are certified according to the ÖKO-TEX standard, guaranteeing a total absence of allergenic and hazardous substances.

The Clean Zone Interior Package provides an improved in-car climate. The system ventilates the passenger compartment automatically (in temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius).

A convenient menu system makes it possible for the driver to adjust different systems – such as climate and rear-view mirrors. This system helps to increase the driver’s focus on the road and contributes to a high level of comfort.

A summary of Volvo XC70’s features:

  • “Soft nose” front
  • New, larger grille
  • Larger headlamps
  • Dark-coloured body panels
  • Pronounced wheel housings
  • Rails integrated into the A-pillar mouldings
  • Tailgate with forward-leaning stance
  • Tailgate overlaps the tail lamps
  • Tailgate glass goes further down
  • Loading space increased by 55 litres (compared with previous XC70 model)
  • Increased passenger space
  • Ventilated front seats with fans
  • 40/20/40 split rear seat
  • Aluminium rails and movable anchorage points (luggage compartment)
  • Built-in anchorage eyelets in side panels
  • Multifunctional rails for side panels
  • Remote controlled, power-operated tailgate
  • Completely new child booster cushion, adjustable in two heights
  • Specially adapted force-limiters
  • Extended Inflatable Curtain
  • Two-chamber side impact airbags
  • Improved Whiplash Protection System
  • Soft front structure in front of bumper
  • Collision Warning with brake support and emergency brake lamps
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Active Bi-Xenon headlamps
  • Hydraulic Brake Assist
  • Optimized Hydraulic Brakes
  • Fading Brake Support
  • Personal Car Communicator
  • Laminated glass all around
  • Six-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine
  • Five-cylinder turbo diesel engine
  • HDC – Hill Descent Control
  • Adjustable, three-step servo assistance
  • CZIP – Clean Zone Interior Package
  • Menu system, controlling different system and functions
  • Active chassis with Four-C
  • Six-speed Geartronic automatic gearbox
  • AWD – All-Wheel Drive
  • DSTC – Dynamic Stability and Traction Control
  • IAQS – Interior Air Quality System

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