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Super Bowl 2012: The Game is on; some Quick Facts and Interesting Things about the 2012 Super Bowl Tomorrow the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will face each other in a standoff to determine the winner of the 2011 NFL season. It will be the 42nd annual championship game of the modern-era…

Super Bowl 2012Super Bowl 2012: The Game is on; some Quick Facts and Interesting Things about the 2012 Super Bowl

Tomorrow the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will face each other in a standoff to determine the winner of the 2011 NFL season.

It will be the 42nd annual championship game of the modern-era NFL and is scheduled to be played Sunday, February 5, 2012, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

25 Facts about the Super Bowl 2012:

  1. It will be the first time that the Super Bowl is ever played in Indianapolis.
  2. The Super Bowl 2012 will be the first ever Super Bowl game to be streamed live online.
  3. It is only the 4th time in history that the Super Bowl is played in a cold city. (Check out the

    BMW Super Bowl Commercial


  4. On average a 30 seconds advertisement during the “Super Bowl 2012” Game costs between 3 and 4 million dollars.
  5. The previous Super Bowl game had a record of 111 million viewers viewing the game. It is expected that the Super Bowl 2012 reach a record amount of viewers this year. (The live broadcast and streaming over the internet will have Americans outside the U’S and foreigners viewing the game live as well!).
  6. The 2011 Giants are the first team in NFL and Super Bowl history to reach the Super Bowl after having been outscored by their opponents in the regular season.
  7. This is the fifth matchup of head coaches who have previously won Super Bowls: Tom Landry and Chuck Noll twice in Super Bowls X and XIII, Tom Flores and Joe Gibbs in Super Bowl XVIII and Bill Walsh and Don Shula in Super Bowl XIX.
  8. It is expected that more than 5 million people will buy new televisions in preparation for the Super Bowl 2012 game.
  9. It is also envisaged that about $10 Billion will be spent by fans relating to Super Bowl Merchandise, Food, Clothes and preparations for the game. Some news sources claim that on the day alone more than 1.2 Billion Chicken Wings will be consumed!
  10. The


    have the Television Rights to broadcast the Super Bowl 2012 game. They will also for the first time legally broadcast the game over the internet.

  11. The National Anthem will be sung by Clarkson. Some betting companies allow you to bet on how long he will take to actually sing the National Anthem.
  12. Before kickoff Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton will sing “America the Beautiful”.
  13. Madonna will perform at halt-time at the Super Bowl 2012 game in Indianapolis. Check out the Interview with

    Madonna Super Bowl 2012

    WMTW Interview.

  14. The Super Bowl 2012 game will be distributed to over 185 countries and broadcast in 30 different languages.
  15. The winning team receives the National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl Vince Lombardi Trophy, named in memory of the winning coach of the first two Super Bowls
  16. Elton John is featuring in a

    Super Bowl 2012 Pepsi

    Advertisement this year at the Indianapolis Super Bowl 2012.

  17. Cocal Cola

    will also have several Super Bowl 2012 Commercials running during the Super Bowl 2012 game.

  18. Suzuki will also have a

    Super Bowl 2012 Commercial

    we have a sneak preview of the commercial that you can watch below, or read more about and view the Suzuki Super Bowl 2012 Commercial on our

    Suzuki Super Bowl 2012


  19. Lexus Motor Company will also run their first Super Bowl 2012 Advertisement. You can read more about the Lexus Motor Company Super Bowl Advertisement on the

    Lexus Super Bowl 2012

    pages, or view the

    Lexus Super Bowl

    ad below.

  20. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 ET on NBC.
  21. Only two players, Gene Upshaw and Jerry Rice, have played in Super Bowls in three different decades.
  22. 4,705 accredited members of the media covered Super Bowl XLIV. In contrast, there were just 338 credentials issued to media at Super Bowl I in Los Angeles.
  23. Thanks to Janet Jackson’s and Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl  XXXVIII (2004) “wardrobe malfunction” and the boob seen round the world, the F.C.C. now implements at least a five second delay on all live television
  24. In the long 45 year long history of the Super Bowl there has never been an overtime situation. Many have come down to a final field goal in the closing seconds of regulation
  25. The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because a football season runs over  two calendar years

Super Bowl 2012: Commercial BMW

With the Super Bowl 2012 being played in Indianapolis fans can expect some cold weather this Sunday when the New York Giants and the New England Patriots face each other. BMW came up with this classic Super Bowl 2012 commercial capturing the cold fans will experience at the Super Bowl 2012 and the Hand warming feature available on the BMW steering wheel.

For more Super Bowl 2012 videos from BMW, you can visit the

BMW Super Bowl 2012

Commercials page.

Super Bowl 2012: Chevrolet Commercial

Chevrolet (General Motors) have several Super Bowl 2012 commercials that will play during the Super Bowl game. They have released some preview commercials before the game. The media buzz created around the Super Bowl 2012 game play’s a phenominal role in the excitement leading up to the game. You can watch some of the Chevrolet Super Bowl 2012 Ads on the

Chevrolet Super Bowl 2012


The Chevrolet Mayan Appocolaps Ad is one of my favortie Super Bowl 2012 Ads.

Super Bowl 2012: Madonna

Madonna is used to all the attention focused on her, and will not be a shy performer at this year’s Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis. Here is a short interview with Madonna by WMTW on her performance at the Super Bowl 2012.

Super Bowl 2012: Pepsi Advertisement and Elton John

Elton John is decisively knocked off his throne by X Factor upstart Melanie Amaro in an hilarious new PEPSI ad set to premiere on Television at the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 2012: Coca-Cola Commercial

Even the Polar Bear’s have their superstitions when it comes to watching the Super Bowl games.

Super Bowl 2012: Suzuki Commercial

Likely because this year will be a cold Super Bowl many of the best advertisements this year is set in a cold Super Bowl setting. Suzuki’s 2012 Super Bowl spot will air both in 60-second and 30-second formats in the company’s top retail locations across the U.S. “Sled” will continue to run following the Super Bowl in conjunction with a new Suzuki advertising campaign scheduled to debut in March.

Super Bowl 2012: Lexus

Following the teaser ad released in mid-January, and no longer able to keep the full spot contained, Lexus has unleashed “The Beast,” the company’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, prior to Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, February 5 on NBC

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