Patrol celebrates 60th birthday with the Adventurer 60 Limited Edition


Patrol celebrates 60th birthday with the “Adventurer 60” Limited Edition. Robust and reliable, the Patrol is built on an authentic 4X4 platform for class leading off-road abilities 60th Anniversary Edition ”Adventurer 60” adds package of extras to cement legendary capabilities A rich heritage stretching back through six decades of refinement and perfection Homage to a…

  • Patrol celebrates 60th birthday with the “Adventurer 60” Limited Edition. Robust and reliable, the Patrol is built on an authentic 4X4 platform for class leading off-road abilities
  • 60th Anniversary Edition ”Adventurer 60” adds package of extras to cement legendary capabilities
  • A rich heritage stretching back through six decades of refinement and perfection
  • Homage to a genuine automotive superstar of the hardcore 4X4 world
  • A well-deserved reputation taken to the ultimate level

The Nissan Patrol is celebrating 60 years of ultimate 4×4 heritage as the company evolved what began as a tough and ground breaking military design into what today is a sturdy but authentic consummate off-roader.

Nissan Patrol 2011

The cherry on top is a special-edition 60th Anniversary Edition named “Adventurer 60” model of the current, 6th-generation Patrol. The Adventurer 60 comes with all the additional equipment true adventurers might need to conquer any challenge, ideal for the person who refuses to be overcome by even the most daunting of tasks. A Nissan Patrol, after all, is built to not merely endure against impossible odds, but relish inevitable victory over them.

Johan Kleynhans,Director: Marketing, Sales and Aftersales at Nissan SA, explains; “After 60 years of impressing the off-road world with its consistent reliability thanks to exceptionally rugged construction, and authentic 4X4 abilities which deliver a true sense of no boundaries, freedom and adventure, the Patrol has earned its status as a legend in this competitive niche. The Adventurer 60 model has been built to celebrate the legend on its momentous birthday.”

The birth of the Patrol

The Patrol heritage began in 1951, in response to a government call for an exceptionally durable, go-anywhere all-purpose vehicle. Its name was built from the beginning on an authentic 4X4 chassis as a result, complete with selectable 4WD and a powerful 6-cylinder engine under the bonnet.

This vehicle originally named 4W60 went into production as the Patrol, and that began the building of the Patrol’s reputation as the most reliable, rugged and downright versatile 4X4 available to the commercial market.

By 1960 a second generation of Patrol had been developed. It was this 60 Series model which began gathering many admirers in the Australian market, and which became the first vehicle to cross the daunting Simpson Desert. The sheer dependability of the Patrol architecture saw the 60 Series model last a full two decades before finally requiring refreshment, and by 1980 the name Patrol had become synonymous with ruggedness and reliable 4X4 ability.

The Patrol remained a worthy flagship of the authentic Nissan off-road line up, the third generation (160 Series) arriving in 1980 and lasting to 1987, the fourth (260 Series) running from ’88 through to ’97, and the fifth (Y60), built concurrently in this period from ’87 through to ’98. The 260 Series was a Spanish-built version of the older 160 Series design, while the Y60 was the first to feature the latest motoring technology of the era, including coil-spring suspension and all-round disc brakes.

The 160 Series built on the strong reputation of the original to become the class leader in markets where authentic 4X4 capabilities were prized, such as Australia. Despite initial skepticism this adventurous market quickly came to love the tough nature of the vehicle and Nissan built and sold the Patrol in substantial quantities. Their durable nature means that today many of these remain an everyday sight in daunting environments everywhere.

Adventuring with style

With each generation, a more concrete reputation was being built. The Nissan Patrol forged itself a strong reputation amongst the leaders in this no-compromise niche market, culminating in the sixth generation which first appeared in 1997. Once again true to the traditions of the original, this generation stood out as an authentic 4X4 offering in a segment more and more softened by the popularity of the SUV segment.

As well as high-quality interior materials and unshakeable build quality, the 6th-generation Patrol is packed with safety technology. Like ABS for the fully ventilated disc brakes all round, a reinforced cabin structure incorporating side impact beams, powerful Halogen headlamps and front and curtain airbags.

“Although constant refinement of the off-road platform has taken place over the six decades the Patrol has been a commercial product, Nissan has also focused on making the cabin more and more comfortable without diluting the core focus of the machine. The result is a vehicle which is good to sit in while underneath the no-nonsense ruggedness of the architecture retains genuine 4X4 capability,” explains Terry Mashoko, Patrol Product Manager at Nissan SA

The choice of either a powerful 4.8-litre petrol inline 6-cylinder, or 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel power plant provides plenty of stump-pulling torque whichever fuel you prefer. These strong motors endow the Patrol with impressive towing capabilities as well as undaunted off-road prowess – the petrol model rated to haul 3500kg of braked trailer, with the diesel model capable of towing 2700kg with ease. Electronic control of both the low-range transfer ‘box and lockable rear differential does simplify being able to conquer any terrain.

The strong ladder frame chassis is a must for an authentic 4X4 – providing a strong and rigid platform to which Nissan attaches suspension components with exceptional wheel capacity. The Patrol features superb wheel articulation for rock crawling duties as well as high levels of refinement on tarmac using components which are tried and trusted and could be replaced in the field if needs be.

Star Status

The shift in the entertainment industry into reality programming saw the 6th-generation Patrol chosen for several epic transcontinental documentaries thanks to its reputation for dependability and outstanding 4X4 abililties. In 2005 the Miles Ahead Expedition into Africa undertaken by Barclays Bank took 157 days and traversed 17 countries, travelling down Africa from the UK through rough and inhospitable terrain. Patrols were the vehicle of choice for this intriguing challenge, which saw executives, directors and other personnel from the financial giant pushing their limits while the Patrols soldiered on without pause.

In 2006, KykNet flighted the popular Voetspore series with a team including veteran 4X4 specialist and photographer Rey van Rensburg who filmed an epic 60-day adventure which would take them from the Cape all the way up to the famous Kilimanjaro. This documentary was widely awarded for its depth and quality, and the Patrols used so impressed the hugely experienced team.

Come 2007, and movie stars and affable adventurers Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor lead the epic Long Way Down TV Mini Series team from John O’Groats in the UK all the way down to Cape Town. While the stars of the show travelled on two wheels, the crew and support were ably transported wherever these light and nimble machines went by Nissan Patrols. It’s tough and reliable nature had at last earned the vehicle its rightful place as an internationally-recognised champion of all terrain motoring.

The 60th Anniversary Edition package

To this respected base platform, Nissan has added value to the “Adventurer 60” Patrol by including a shopping list of specification which any serious adventurer ought to have to augment the go-anywhere capacity of the vehicle itself. A bulbar is fitted as standard to protect the trademark Nissan grille and front end in rough conditions, while durable canvas seat covers are easily cleaned and highly resistant to potential damage. Inside the arch of the strong bulbar, a pair of powerful new spotlights nestles to light your path.

The 60th Anniversary Patrol comes with a comprehensive Recovery Kit to get you out of any kind of situation, and there’s a waterproof Garmin Nuvi 500 GPS to keep you heading in the right direction come hell or high water. Nissan has even included the snorkel to allow the engine to breathe even if water were to rise above the muscular bonnet line.

Finally to maintain traction in the widest variety of surfaces and conditions, the standard road-oriented tyres are replaced with specialised BF Goodrich AT KOR tires measuring 265/65 X 17. Featuring oversized treadblocks and a carcass these tyres are strong and durable. The limited edition is also instantly identifiable thanks to the “Adventurer 60” badges on both sides of the front doors.

From the outside, the Patrol retains its distinctive muscularity and aggressive ruggedness, expressing its no-boundaries nature in the aesthetics of the sheet metal as well as the lofty, purposeful stance. This vehicle embodies the toughness inherent in Nissan LCV-branded machines and it’s a shape which is recognised by serious adventure enthusiasts for its well-deserved reputation.

The sturdy bull bar, chunky all terrain tyres, powerful spot lights and suggestive snorkel all enhance the adventurous image of the vehicle visually in addition to their practical advantages, and the Patrol 60th Anniversary Edition is clearly a vehicle built for one primary purpose – conquering untamed terrains.

The Patrol perfected

This 60th Anniversary Edition Patrol is the ultimate incarnation of this celebrated off-road icon. Featuring the benefits of 60 years of authentic 4X4 evolution fused with modern safety systems, this is a vehicle which knows no limits.

“It’s certainly come a long way from its first concept as a military vehicle, and today the Patrol is widely respected for bringing this type of military-grade go-anywhere capability to the general market. This 60th Anniversary Edition is a fitting way to celebrate this enviable heritage, and to reward Patrol enthusiasts for their support over the years. Rugged, tough, reliable, and positively limitless in its authentic 4X4 abilities, the Patrol deserves to be treated like a superstar of the off-road world, and this model unequivocally cements this position,” concludes Mashoko.

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