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A unique blend of capacity and distinctive design NASREC, Johannesburg – The launch of the all-new Jeep® Commander continued the Jeep’s on-going product offensive. Classic in design, Commander is the first Jeep-family vehicle to offer three-row seating as standard, accommodating seven passengers. The nimble, rugged 4×4 is engineered to perform as only Jeep vehicles can,…

A unique blend of capacity and distinctive design

NASREC, Johannesburg – The launch of the all-new Jeep® Commander continued the Jeep’s on-going product offensive. Classic in design, Commander is the first Jeep-family vehicle to offer three-row seating as standard, accommodating seven passengers.

The nimble, rugged 4×4 is engineered to perform as only Jeep vehicles can, offering greater capability, flexibility and advanced safety and security technologies to appeal to customers.

Commander expands and strengthens the extensive Jeep vehicle lineup, consisting of Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, and widens the Jeep range during the second half of this decade.

Modern interpretation of heritage design with a rugged look and premium interior

Jeep Commander’s upright front and rear windscreens and its rear end, as well as its more vertical sides embody the vehicle’s classic Jeep styling.

The exterior rear-view mirrors are also bold and purposeful. Overall, Commander exudes classic Jeep styling — upright and rugged. Commander is steeped in the heritage of Jeep design — integrating the past and present.

Inside the vehicle, attention to detail is evident. From the gear shift knob, to the four round gauges in the instrument cluster, to the new steering wheel, Commander is refined and uniquely Jeep in appearance.

Re-designed seats are supportive and comfortable and, for the first time in a Jeep, there are now three rows.

With each row slightly higher than the one in front of it, this distinctive ‘theatre-style’ arrangement improves forward visibility for every passenger and delivers an optimal all-round view.

The second and third-row seats fold forward to create a flat load floor. Commander is only 37 mm longer than the newest Grand Cherokee, even though it accommodates three rows of seats. Since they share the same Jeep 4×4 systems, powertrains and wheelbase, Commander exhibits the same off-road capabilities as the Grand Cherokee.

Commander’s stepped roof provides second and third-row occupants with plenty of head room. Complementing the front-mounted sunroof is Command-ViewTM – the new and innovative skylights (complete with shades) over the second row of seats.

Although the lower portion of the dashboard panel is shared with the Grand Cherokee, the top section is all-new and features four pairs of circular adjustable airvents and 16 Allen head bolts (14 of which are functional) that contribute to the mechanical, constructed look of the vehicle.

Both the steering wheel centre and the gear selector knob feature the Jeep logo framed in a bright ring with exposed faux Allen bolt heads to enhance the overall design theme. The four-dial instrument cluster with LED illumination features black gauges with white graphics and red pointers for reading ease in all conditions.

Seating seven in style

Jeep Commander has ‘theatre-style’ seating that enhances the functionality of its three-row, seven-passenger layout. The second-row seats are mounted 117 mm higher than the front row, and third row seats are 120 mm higher than the second row — to ensure occupants enjoy an excellent view of the surrounding landscape.

The second-row 40/20/40 split seats are engineered so the outer sections fold down and tumble forward to allow passengers entry or exit from the third row on either side of the vehicle. All three second-row seatbacks can be folded onto the cushions to form a flat load area.

For maximum comfort, Commander has a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system in the third row. Fully independent of the front system, it feeds warmed or cooled air to a single floor-level and two circular rotating outlets on each side of the rear trim.

With seven people on board, Commander has 170l of luggage space. Folding the third-row seats expands the cargo space to 974l, and folding the second row gives a total of 1 776l.

Engineered to go anywhere, do anything

Class-leading off-road capability and on-road refinement were mandatory for the Jeep Commander, and so the same 4×4 systems, suspension and powertrains as the award-winning Grand Cherokee have been used, including an independent front suspension and rack-and-pinion steering.

Commander and Commander Limited are available with a choice of two petrol V8 engines.

The 5,7l HEMI with cylinder deactivation through the Multi-Displacement System (MDS) is available in Limited trim level, whilst the 4,7l Power Tech V8 takes pride of place in the base model.

New engines deliver performance and power

For customers requiring maximum performance, the 5,7l HEMI engine delivers class-leading power and torque: 240 kW and 500 Nm. Of the peak torque, 90 % is available over a broad rev-band (from 2 400 to 5 100 r/min) affording excellent performance under all driving conditions.

To boost fuel economy, this engine is fitted with the Multi-Displacement System that deactivates half the cylinders during cruising and light acceleration to increase fuel economy by up to 20 %, depending on driving conditions.

The 4,7l Power Tech V8 engine has been fitted with numerous improvements and refinements for its application in the new Grand Cherokee, and these are carried over to the Commander.

Improved exhaust gas recirculation aids in delivering better fuel consumption, whilst the cast oil pan now provides better noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). The maximum power is 170 kW at 4 500 r/min, and maximum torque is 410 Nm at 3 600 r/min.

Automatic transmission offer premium refinement

The 5-45RFE five-speed automatic transmission used with the 5,7l HEMI and 4,7l V8 engines has been refined for higher-quality shifts and to maximise Jeep Commander’s towing capacity.

The transmission features Electronic Range Select driver interactive shift control. The transmission provides fully automatic shifting in the ‘drive’ position or the driver can manually select each gear sequentially by moving the shift lever left or right from the ‘drive’ position. This gives the driver precise control to match any driving conditions.

Sophisticated suspension provides confident ride and handling

Jeep Commander shares its suspension and running gear with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This includes short and long-arm front suspension that provides the driver with greater precision and control without compromising Commander’s off-road performance. The tight turning circle of 11,8 m provides for nimble handling.

The standard Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) aids the driver in severe driving manoeuvres on any type of surface. ESP utilises signals from sensors throughout the vehicle to determine the appropriate brake and throttle adjustments for directional stability.

Class-leading four-wheel-drive capabilities

The unique Quadra-Drive II® four-wheel-drive system is utilised on the Jeep Commander in South Africa. Quadra-Drive II® is one of the most advanced four-wheel-drive systems available, providing Commander with best-in-class tractive capability. Electronic Limited Slip Differentials — front and rear — offer customers the ultimate in off-road capability. Quadra-Drive II® provides electronic engagement of torque biasing for the front and rear axles.

As a result, torque transfer is faster, and almost 100 % of the torque can be distributed to any of the four wheels, a capability that is unique to Commander and Grand Cherokee.

Unprecedented safety and security, incorporated from the beginning

Like all Chrysler Group vehicles, the Jeep Commander is designed to not only provide improved handling and accident avoidance, but as well as excellent crash protection. Crash protection features include advanced multi-stage front air bags, extended up-time supplemental side-curtain air bags for all three rows, seat belts equipped with pre-tensioners and digressive load limiting retractors, and BeltAlert®, an audible reminder system for the driver.

Commander has, furthermore, received the highest rating for frontal-impact crash protection from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the USA. The Jeep Commander’s five-star rating for frontal crash protection makes it the 11th new product from the Chrysler Group to achieve the top safety rating in the frontal crash tests.

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