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Effective May 4th, GMSA introduced a new program called “GM Total Confidence”. Recognizing that this is an uncertain time for Southern African consumers, this program will deliver peace of mind for the motoring public. The program launched on Sunday, May 3rd in newspapers, supported by a website with additional detail ( A communication will also…

Effective May 4th, GMSA introduced a new program called “GM Total Confidence”. Recognizing that this is an uncertain time for Southern African consumers, this program will deliver peace of mind for the motoring public. The program launched on Sunday, May 3rd in newspapers, supported by a website with additional detail ( A communication will also be issued to existing GMSA vehicle owners.

The GM Total Confidence program includes three components:

  • vehicle warranty extension to 5 years / 120 000 km
  • vehicle payment protection (insurance that covers up to nine months of the consumers’ vehicle finance payments if they are retrenched) for vehicles purchased between May 4, 2009 and July 31, 2009
  • extension of our new, industry-leading roadside assistance program to 5 years / 120 000 km


A universal warranty period of 5 years or 120 000 kilometres, which ever comes first, will be applied to all GM vehicles. Please note that the same exclusions apply as under the current warranty.

Vehicle Payment Protection

This very exciting new benefit is available for vehicles purchased between May 4th, 2009 and July 31st, 2009. Under this program, if the vehicle owner is retrenched within two years of purchasing the vehicle, we will pay their vehicle finance instalments on their behalf for up to nine months (up to six months for the first retrenchment). Terms and conditions apply.

Roadside Assistance

Not only has our Roadside Assistance program been extended to 5 years / 120 000 kilometres, we have also added substantial benefits to the package. For example, depending on the circumstances of the breakdown, accommodation, up to two days safe storage of your vehicle, and up to four days alternative transportation will be provided. This represents an industry leading Roadside Assistance package, and a new level of confidence for South African drivers.

All Chevrolet, Opel, Isuzu LCVs, Hummer, and Cadillac vehicles are included in the plan.

We invite you to visit to read the details of the vehicle payment protection program and new roadside assistance package.

This is a strong offering in support of a range of outstanding products. GMSA is proud to announce that all Chevrolet, Opel, Isuzu, Hummer, and Cadillac vehicles purchased by consumers on or after March 23, 2009, qualify for the 5 year / 120 000 km warranty and roadside assistance.

Program detail GMSA: Total Confidence:

Believe it or not, there has never been a better time to buy a car.

Now, whatever life brings, a buyer can approach this with Total Confidence. A special package of services from GMSA is designed to help keep a hard-earned vehicle investment safe and secure. Best of all, there’s nothing to add or order. The programme comes with every new Chevrolet, Opel, Isuzu, Hummer, and Cadillac vehicle. Starting now, buyers are free to shop, own and drive GMSA vehicles with Total Confidence.

GM Total Confidence includes:

  • Peace-of-mind Warranty Protection. Our fully-backed 5 year / 120,000 kilometre warranty.
  • Rest-assured Payment Protection. Up to nine months of payments on your GM car will be covered by us if you are retrenched.
  • Stress-free Roadside Assistance. Full backup from GMSA’s industry-leading roadside assistance services.


Chevrolet, Opel, Isuzu, Hummer, and Cadillac vehicles sold after March 23, 2009, will be warranted by General Motors for 5 years or 120,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. This warranty will start from the original in-service date of the vehicle, for warrantable repairs that are required as a result of defects due to material and/or workmanship.

The following items are not covered under this warranty: friction materials such as brakes, clutch, tyres, and windshield wipers; exhaust system including catalytic converter; shock absorbers; in car entertainment; wear and tear; and CV (constant velocity) joints.

This is a supplement to the express conditions and warranties described in the Warranty and Owner Assistance Information booklet. Other items covered are not extended or altered by this supplement.

Vehicle Payment Protection

GMSA protects the buyer by making vehicle payments for the buyer in the case of job loss. No one can see what the future holds. So GM extends protection for miles down the road.

Where any eligible new GM vehicle is financed and the buyer should lose his income due to retrenchment during the first two years of ownership, GMSA will make the payments for up to nine months, over the two years with a maximum of six months per retrenchment claim. That’s total confidence that GMSA cares for the buyers of its products all the way.

The Payment Protection Program is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited Reg. No. (1952/003004/06). The buyer must be employed for at least 90 days after the purchase or lease of the vehicle. There is a 30-day waiting period before the first claim may be lodged.

Buyers may claim twice against this plan for two separate retrenchment incidents within 24 months, with a minimum 2 month gap between the 2 claims. A maximum of 9 instalments will be covered during the 24 months.

This program is available regardless of which financial institution finances your new vehicle purchase.

Exclusions apply if buyers are active GMSA employees, a seasonal worker, self-employed, employed in a business owned by a family member, partners in firms or associations, members of a close corporation, or retired.

Roadside Assistance

General Motors South Africa is proud to offer the response, security, and convenience of the 24-hour comprehensive Roadside Assistance Program for a period of 5 years or 120,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

GMSA Roadside Assistance includes:

Towing ServiceIn the event of a breakdown, we will arrange for the vehicle to be towed by an approved towing operator to the nearest dealer, or a chosen location within a 40 km radius.
Technical AssistanceWhere possible a qualified GMSA technician will be dispatched to assist with the problem.
Safe storageIf necessary, we will arrange free safe storage for the vehicle for up to 48 hours.
Repatriation of vehiclesShould the vehicle need to be left for repairs at an authorised dealership located more than 100km from the owner’s home, we will arrange to have the vehicle returned free of charge or assist in the owner to return to the vehicle
Fuel deliveryWe pay for the call out fee and the owner pays for the fuel costs
Keys locked in the carWe pay for 1 hour labour. Damages to the vehicle will be for the owner’s account.
Changing of tyresIf this service cannot be performed due to any driver action (e.g. pothole damages, missing locknut) then the owner will be responsible for the repairs.
Courtesy transportShould the owner be stranded further than 100km from home or final destination, due to the vehicle undergoing unscheduled repairs, we will provide alternative transport, either to home or to the planned destination. This service is available in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana subject to specific terms and conditions.
AccommodationIn the event of a breakdown further than 100km from home or destination, we will arrange either accommodation or an alternative vehicle to enable the final destination to be reached, as well as relay urgent messages and provide telephonic directions.
Information CentreWe will supply information regarding the GM South Africa vehicle in question, including all general vehicle information such as fuel and oil recommendations, service intervals, tyre maintenance, warning systems and applications, accessory enquiries, dealer locations and dealer telephone numbers.

The Roadside Assistance agent is dedicated to assisting owners and their valued passengers to their destination as quickly, safely and problem-free as possible. Please note that this service is only supported in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

If within South Africa, this service is a mere phone call away on:

  • Chevrolet/Opel/Isuzu – 0800 422 777
  • Saab – 0800 SAABSA or 0800 722 272
  • HUMMER – 0800 HUMMER or 0800 486 637
  • Cadillac – 0800 CADILLAC or 0800 223 455

If stranded outside the SA (Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland) border, ISOS can be contacted on +27 (11) 541 1310.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is “Vehicle Payment Protection”?
    If a vehicle loan or a lease agreement exists, this program, provided at no additional cost to, provides monthly vehicle payment protection for up to nine months in the event of job loss due to economic conditions after purchasing or leasing a new GMSA vehicle. This applies only for vehicles purchased on or before 31 July, 2009. Restrictions apply.
  2. How long will a purchaser be covered by Vehicle Payment Protection?
    The program will be in effect for up to 24 months after the vehicle purchase. Actual protection is for 21 months after the initial eligibility period.
  3. What are the program benefit payouts?
    Maximum number of payments: up to 9 months monthly payments limited to 6 instalments per retrenchment. The amount of each payout is equal to the monthly vehicle payment as financed at the time of purchase.
  4. In order to take advantage of this Payment Protection must finance be arranged through GMSA Financial Services?
    No, the vehicle can be financed through any approved financial institution.
  5. Can Payment Protection coverage be extended or purchased individually?
    This can be negotiated with International Underwriters & Administrators at the end of the cover period of 24 months.
  6. If a new GMSA vehicle was purchased prior to May 4th, 2009, is it eligible for the Payment Protection Plan?
    No, only vehicles delivered on or after May 4th are eligible for the program.
  7. Are vehicles purchased/leased for business or commercial use eligible?
    No. Only vehicle purchases or leases to individuals are eligible for the Payment Protection program.
  8. Do self employed owners qualify for vehicle payment protection? No.
  9. Are GMSA employees eligible for the program?
    No. Current active GMSA employees, retirees, and family members are not eligible for the program. There is, however, a customer protection plan available from any finance institution that will provide cover against retrenchments.
  10. Does this money have to be paid back when a new job is found?
  11. Is there a maximum monthly value in the vehicle Payment Protection Plan?
    No. GMSA will cover the full cost of the vehicle monthly payment for up to nine months, limited to 6 months per retrenchment.
  12. Does the owner still need to make the payments if retrenched?
    In the event of retrenchment and qualification for Payment Protection, GMSA will pay the bank or finance company directly.
  13. How is a claim filed in the event of a retrenchment?
    The first step to filing a claim is to call us at (031) 570 7600

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