Fiat Panda at the Geneva International Motor Show 2012


Panda, the first and second family car The new 85 HP TwinAir Turbo engine with Dualogic gearbox makes its debut Utmost versatility, also thanks to the new sliding rear seat  “Blue&Me TomTom2  LIVE” for driving in city traffic with total peace of mind Presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and just recently launched in…

Panda, the first and second family car

  • The new 85 HP TwinAir Turbo engine with Dualogic gearbox makes its debut
  • Utmost versatility, also thanks to the new sliding rear seat
  •  “Blue&Me TomTom2  LIVE” for driving in city traffic with total peace of mind

Fiat Panda 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and just recently launched in Europe, the new Panda has proven to be the market’s true city car of reference in form and substance.  Two new features of the model that are bound to appeal will make their debut in Geneva:  the new 85 HP TwinAir Turbo version with Dualogic gearbox – the ideal combination for driving around town – and the unprecedented sliding rear seat that still further increases its room inside, attesting to its undisputed versatility.

Last but not least, the general public can get a close-up look at the potential of the “Blue&Me TomTom2 LIVE” device that combines the advantages of an infotainment system integrated with the car and connected to the network with those of a portable navigation system, in this way opening the doors to connectivity and ensuring driving in city traffic with total peace of mind.

Preview of the 85 HP TwinAir Turbo with Dualogic gearbox

The new Panda is making its world debut with the new 85 HP TwinAir Turbo with Dualogic gearbox in Geneva. This power unit is perfect for city use since it is low on fuel consumption and eco-friendly in emissions. In fact, the engine achieves 95 g/km of CO2 thanks to the Start&Stop supplied as standard and the aid of the robotised gearbox.

Specifically, the Dualogic gearbox has been designed to automate the clutch and gear lever controls for a conventional manual gearbox using electro-hydraulic type power assistance. There is a wealth of benefits for whoever chooses this system, starting from its ease of use and reduced driving fatigue, especially in the city. Lower fuel consumption is also recorded – up to 21% compared to the 1.2 Fire with mechanical gearbox in the combined cycle  – as well as improved driving safety.  In detail, the system can be used in both manual and automatic mode. In the first case, the driver controls gear changes using the lever on the dashboard. In automatic mode, it is the electronic system that decides when to change gears, depending on whether the goal is driving comfort (NORMAL) or to reduce fuel consumption (ECO).

Sliding rear seat provides ultimate versatility

The public inGenevawill have the chance to appreciate another new feature that will become available starting next summer: the sliding rear seat. This new feature allows the Panda to reinforce its reputation for undisputed versatility by further increasing its already huge amount of room inside. By sliding this particular seat into the totally forward position – 16 cm of travel distance – the car’s boot increases in size from 225 to 260 litres, in this way proving to be one of the most spacious in its segment. Then the boot increases in size to 870 litres when the back of the rear seat is folded down. Compared to the second generation of Panda, the volume of the boot has increased by 10 litres (normal configuration), or 36 litres (when the rear seat is folded down).

Many front and rear seat configurations are available on the new Panda. The driver’s seat is also available with adjustable height while the front passenger seat can be fitted with fold-down table backrest. In this latter case, you can have a handy support surface both for common objects, such as a handbag or a laptop, and for unusual items. When the rear seats are also folded down, the customer can obtain a flat loading surface for the entire length of the passenger compartment (more than 2 metres), in this way being able to make maximum use of the interior space.

The rear seat ensures the same versatility. It is available in the standard 2-seater version with folding unsplit backrest or, on request, in the configurations of 2 seats, sliding lengthwise, with 50/50 split folding backrest; 3 seats with folding backrest; and 3 seats with 60/40 split folding backrest. It can all be made even more functional if combined with the handy and useful “cargo box container that when placed in the boot lets you both stow several objects inside of it or obtain an all but flat loading surface.

Offered only with five doors and with the passenger room of a higher segment, the new Panda is an authentic super-compact that is able to very efficiently combine its smaller external size with a surprising internal volume. The flexibility of its interior has always been one of the model’s strong points, as the 14 storage compartments inside the car prove. First of all, the new dashboard is designed as a practical multifunctional shell containing – just like the first series of the model – a large and roomy storage “pocket” for stowing everything you want in total freedom… even in “thoughtless and democratic” untidiness if you like! Added to that is the more classic glove box enclosed in the bottom of the dashboard. There are open compartments which are easy to reach into for frequent use and closed, more concealed compartments for objects that are usually left in the car. One new feature in this area is the glasses holder located above the driver’s window.

“Blue&Me TomTom2  LIVE”: a gem of a satellite navigation system

To drive in city traffic with total peace of mind, the new Panda offers the “Blue&Me TomTom2 LIVE” device, which combines the advantages of an infotainment system which is integrated and connected to the net with those of a portable navigator, opening the doors to connectivity.

“Blue&Me TomTom2 LIVE” not only allows new Panda customers to use their mobile phone and media player in total safety without ever taking their hands off the steering wheel, but also offers an absolutely unique navigation experience as it is built into the dashboard and provides the most accurate traffic information updated in real time plus real time feedback on driving style.

The default position for this PND (Portable Navigation Device) is in the middle of the dashboard and allows the safe installation of the specific support, in addition to guaranteeing power to the navigation device without external wiring.

In addition, in terms of Bluetooth® connectivity, thanks to Blue&Me, phone, media player and car information can be displayed and controlled on the navigation device’s touch screen.

“Blue&Me TomTom2 LIVE” is at the cutting edge when compared to the latest portable navigation devices available on the market:

  • Capacitive 4.3” HD touchscreen with iPhone-type HMI;
  • Detailed maps: 45 European      countries;
  • Best route definition: helps you choose the best      route by analysing traffic conditions collected on a 24h statistical      basis.

“Blue&Me TomTom2  LIVE” is designed to receive the information about the vehicle, detected through connection with the on-board network and then to provide real time information about car use and that of the devices connected to it: Trip computer, Fiat-customised points of interest, mobile phonebook display, Media Player and eco:Drive.

“Blue&Me TomTom2”, in those countries where the service is available, also offers LIVE services in real time featured in the latest generation TomTom portable navigation devices.

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